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Great happenings in Ålesund

Sister Tew and I visited Ålesund and worked a couple of days with Elders Lindberg and McSpadden. We went on six different teaching appointments and spent some wonderful time with Kjell and Marianna and their son Kim. Kjell and Kim will be baptized in the upcoming weeks and what a strength their family will be to the Ålesund branch.

Kjell, Kim Daniel, Elders McSpadden and Lindberg join President in a photo after church in Ålesund.

We had a great dinner in the home of Kjell and Marianna in their beautiful home. President Tew had some uplifting gospel discussions with Kjell. He is well prepared to enter into covenants.

And yes, we had a short late evening hike to a lookout over Ålesund.

When an appointment kept being altered, four times I believe, we observed frustrations being worked out by Elders McSpadden and Lindberg.

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