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first visit to mo-i-rana and herøy

We finally made it to Mo-i-Rana where several members live. It was a three-hour drive from Bodø and we were blessed to meet with several members who would love to have a branch again. They join members in Bodø peridically through zoom room. The trip to Mo-i-Rana was splendid this time of year.

This was a random lake between Mo-i-Rana and Bodø

Just one of many waterfalls on the way through the cloudy mountains.

Elder Wall, Moffat and Sister Tew checking for name tags before the photo in front of the Polar Circle visitors center.

Sister Tew wrote her first memorized sentence on a stone which Elders Wall and Moffat placed on top of one of many polar circle markers. "På den åttende dag skapet Herren Norge." Translation: On the eight day the Lord created Norway.

Norway has massive water flow each spring. Ninety-eight percent of Norway's electrical power comes from its water source, and it still uses only a portion of the potential.

This bridge connects the mainland with Sandnessjøen.

The Seven Sisters seen from Herøy. This is favorite tourist site in North Norway.

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