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Elder Sabin tour day 2

Because of the logistics of bringing all the missionaries together when they are spread out from Alta in north Norway to Kristiansand in south Norway, it is difficult to all the missionaries together at one time. We are grateful to get so many of them a couple of times a year.

The missionaries of the East and West zones gather here for a photo with Elder and Sister Sabin and President and Sister Tew.

Good food, new friendships and former companions come together to add to the enjoyment of a multi-zone conference.

We couldn't do a zone conference without the help of our great senior couples. The Jensens in Oslo, the Jensons in Bergen and the Castles in Stavanger give great service to the missionaries and members in Norway. The Berquists in Oslo, the Cooks in Tromsø and the Naylors in Trondheim are dearly loved but we missed their photo.

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