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changing of the guard

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

We are experiencing a large transition of missionaries this summer as nearly one half of our missionaries will be going home. This month, nine returned home and only one came due to problems with getting visas. We were very excited to get Elder Van Slooten from California.

Sister Tew, President Tew and Elder Van Slooten at the mission home.

We will miss this wonderful group of mission leaders, Elders Arnesen, Lowther, Fry (still with us one more transfer), Hansen, Cribbs, Welch, Sister and Elder Jensen and Sister Tew (staying), Sisters Crossley, Zenger, Wheelwright, Elder Ewell (staying) and Elder Egan.

They were united in the MTC, and they have been united throughout their service in Norway. We are sad to see them go.

Ever working and helping, the assistants have a changing of the guard as well. Elder Fry is with Elder Egan who has served faithfully in the office for six months and is being replaced by Elder Ewell.

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