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Baptisms in lillestrøm, moss and tromsø

Anna met Mark, a great young man from England, on social media over three years ago. She has been waiting to be baptized since and has been taught by several sister missionaries including Sisters Jones, Rosenkilde and Kimball. Anna hopes to serve a mission next year as well.

Phillip was baptized by Ronald Judson after being taught by Sisters Bradshaw and Sister Christensen. Phillip has been helped along the way by several other Moss missionaries during the past year.

Rasmus was first contacted by Elders Putt and Aland over 18 months ago. He was busy then but Elders Baird and Sobotka felt prompted to contact him earlier this year and he was prepared to move forward. Elders Meldrum and Jaccard finished up and Tromsø branch President Michaelsen baptized him. Tromsø is seeing miracles as well.

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