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Baptism in Bergen

Steffen met the elders when his girlfriend began returning to church. After the first discussion about The Book of Mormon and the restoration, Steffen had a light in his eyes with a desire to meet more. Steffen committed to meeting 2-3 times a week. Every lesson went exceptionally well. Whenever a lesson principle was taught or a commitment was extended, Steffen accepted with joy and faithfulness. As the teaching progressed, Steffen began to feel more love towards himself and began to smile more often. As his love grew for himself his love grew for others, and especially God. Steffen began coming to every YSA activity and church every week. He grew close with several YSA members and an incredible woman by the name of Else in the Bergen ward. This was a big moment in helping Steffens conversion and helped to grow “a family network” for him. He was baptized March 20.

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1 Comment

Cindy Hansen
Cindy Hansen
Mar 24, 2021

Thank you for sharing Steffen's story. I am thrilled about his baptism.

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