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And then there was 1 - zone

When we started our mission over three years ago, we never anticipated we would see a drop from 4 zones to 1 zone, yet here we are. We also never anticipated the changes in missionary work driven by COVID, a relaxed dress standard for proselyting attire, or serving with no senior couples. The mission has been a great laboratory for going forward with faith. We and the missionaries have been blessed and have learned much from the changes.

Even though this is our only zone, it has been our largest zone. It was a joy to have an entire mission zone conference.

We will miss Elder and Sister Lloyd. They joined us the day after the zone conference for the baptism of the Skansen family in Romerike before their last weekend in Bodø. They returned home the following Tuesday.

Sister Sande and Sister Jones, our sister training leaders, taught on receiving revelation.

Elder Thackeray and Elder Bennett , our assistants, taught on accountability.

Elder Lee and Elder Thomas, our zone leaders, taught on our unique message to the world.

The Lloyds, ever willing to serve to the end, blessed us with a wonderful lunch at the Sandvika ward building. You will note from the picture descriptions below, many companionships cover two different church units in different cities. We never thought we would have this similarity with wards from the western states where missionaries often work more than one ward, but they are usually in the same building, not miles and airplane flights apart as we are.

Sisters Isaksen and Whoolery from Stavanger and Sisters Baird and Wilcox from Bodø and Harstad.

Elders Belnap, Bevan and Ralph work in Tønsberg and Skien, Elder Thomas is in Moss.

Sisters Johnston and Magnusdotter cover Oslo and Lillestrøm, Elders Beutel and Ence work Stavanger and Haugesund.

Elder Beaird and Brown work Arendal and KrSand, Elders Graff and Bybee are in Tromsø and Alta.

Sisters Johnson and Bailey work in Fredrikstad. Sister Tew is with a young adult from Oslo.

The table to the right includes Sisters Sande and Jones from Trondheim and Sisters Ressler and Joyce in Bergen. Elders at the back at tables: Elders Williams our new financial secretary in the office, Elder Beutel and Ence from Stavanger, Elders Belnap, Thomas, Ralph and Bevan. Standing are Elders Moffat in Drammen and Sandivika, Bennett, Thackeray, Elder Bjerkøe now also in the office and Elder Lee in Moss. I think we got most of them except Elder Killian also in Drammen and Sandvika. Sorry Elder.

A final shot before departures with Sister Joyce, Elders Graff, Lee, Bjerkøe, Bybee, Belnap, Thomas, Beaird, Bennett and Moffat. I still am wondering why we have some many missionaries whose last names start with B, 8 elders and 2 sisters out of our current 29 missionaries.

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