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12-1 Growing again

We were sad to say goodbye to Sister Harston who returned home and also grateful to welcome twelve new missionaries. We are grateful to re-open Ålesund, Arendal, Lillestrøm, Porsgrunn and Tønsberg.

We welcomed missionaries from two MTC groups and one Norwegian visa waiter.

Elders Holyoak, Ewell, Sisters Tew, Burkman and Stansfield wish Sister Harston farewell. We are grateful have had her serve with us.

Elder Olson, Sisters Deere and Bradshaw, Elders Jackson, Templeton, McSpadden, Holbrook and Jones cuddle up with their new dynas.

New missionaries at dinner in the mission home: Sister Rosenkilde, Elders Holbrook, Holyoak, McSpadden, Ewell, Sisters Davik, Deere, Peterson, Tew, Elders Peterson, McSpadden, Sister Bradshaw, Elders Rasch, Templeton, Olson, King and Jones are welcome additions to Norway.

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Heidi Wixom
Heidi Wixom
Oct 09, 2019

Love the growth happening in the Norway Mission!

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