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Ålesund, Åndalsnes and 41 years

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Ålesund is located in the center of a picturesque part of western Norway and has a small branch which has come alive this year. We were delighted to return to Ålesund for the first time since before quarantine when we attended the baptisms of Kjell og Kim Daniel. Since then, two wonderful women have joined the branch and Ålesund is the top baptizing unit in Norway this year. We joined the four new members with a few others on an incredible hike to the place Ida was baptized a few weeks.

Towards the falls, Sister Tew, Kjell, Marianne, Kim Daniel with Elders Fjord and King.

This baptismal site could rival the waters of Mormon.

The trio with Elders King, Tilby, Fjord with President Tew

After our visit in Ålesund, Sister Tew and I took a day and a half to celebrate 41 years of marriage. Åndalsnes is a beautiful setting on Romdalsfjorden. We stayed in a comfortable cabin overlooking a beautiful lake, Gjerdsetvatnet.

Gjerdsetvatnet from our cabin.

On the way to the cabin, we spent several hours exploring the area around Trollstigen, the troll ladder. The road to the top explains the name.

This view is above the falls in the tops of the mountains.

The second day was an early morning hike up Rampestreken, 500 meters above Åndelsnes. The views were incredible. After was a quick trip back to the airport in Ålesund and back to Oslo. It was a great celebration of our last anniversary in Norway.

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